The Corona Kavach Project

by Fundme
Created May 10, 2020 | Madhya Pradesh
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Corona Kavach A Virtual Organisation Pledging To Help and Serve 1 Lakh Families Hit By COVID 19
Fighting coronavirus is crucial. Every little help from you can create a huge impact in supporting underprivileged people and those in need. The Covid -19 pandemic is pushing the world towards an economic slowdown. India’s Under Priviledged Kids and Their families have been the worst hit by the lockdown. These unprecedented times require us to come together with immediate measures.

Support The Movement And Become Their Kavach To Protect Them From The Pandemic Today.
Here are The Ways You Can Support and be a Part of This Revolution of Smiles that we are getting on the faces of underpriviledged society.

1 WarriorKavach ...... value: 1500/-
PPE kits for medical staff, police staff and other needy organisations
Sponsorship volum min. 10 kits

2 InnerKavach...... value: 1200/-
(1 week packet for labourers and needy families) it includes
Dry ration kit
Vit. C rich veg & fruit kit

3 OuterKavach 400/-
Safety material for needy families
It includes :-
2 soap bars
2 sanitizer bottle
10 Cotten face covers

  • Vijay Kumar Dudhoria
    Vijay Kumar Dudhoria donated ₹200
  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar donated ₹2,342
  • Hemant Sharma
    Hemant Sharma donated ₹49,000
  • Rahul Maheshwari
    Rahul Maheshwari donated ₹39,000
  • Abhsihek Sharma
    Abhsihek Sharma donated ₹9,800
  • pawangupta
    pawangupta donated ₹65,000
  • Ramesh
    Ramesh donated ₹23,432
  • Ravi
    Ravi donated ₹23,242
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated ₹24,000
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated ₹34,000
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